Meeting FrequencyTasks
Every other month

  • Sets short/medium/ and long term goals
  • Establishes benchmarks
  • Reviews and reports on progress towards goals
  • Fulfills Continuum of Care (CoC) responsibilities, including monitoring CoC performance, making recommendations regarding annual grant allocations, and reviewing and amending By-Laws as needed
  • Reviews information provided by Grant Review Committee and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding federal and state grant funding as appropriate
  • Endorses membership applications
  • Endorses policy recommendations
  • Selects Chair and Vice Chair
  • Establishes Ad Hoc and standing committees as needed
  • In consultation with the Outreach and Public Awareness Committee, sponsors or endorses public awareness events or activities
  • Members report on key HSOC actions to constituencies or organizations that they represent

Meeting FrequencyTasks
Every other month

  • Hears reports from Standing committees and current workgroups
  • Monitors progress on benchmarks
  • Coordinates Committees, work groups and HSOC activities

Meeting FrequencyTasks
Every other month

  • Collects and analyzes key data on benchmarks and outcome data and reports to HSOC
  • Oversees Point in Time Count and reports data to Full HSOC
  • Oversees HMIS implementation, including performance and monitoring
  • Reports on HSOC funds
  • Hears reports from HMIS Steering Committee (non-HSOC entity) and reports to full HSOC as needed
  • Receives reports on key federal and state homeless assistance grants received by public and private agencies in the County (based on voluntary reporting by participating agencies) and reports to HSOC as appropriate

Meeting FrequencyTasks
Every month

  • Leads efforts to create more housing that is affordable and appropriate for homeless persons, including permanent, supportive housing with services
  • Supports housing aspects of Housing First and Rapid Rehousing efforts in coordination with Homeless Services Coordinating Committee
  • Develops and disseminates recommendations for revisions to local jurisdiction’s Housing Elements or Consolidated Plans
  • Develops and disseminates recommendations for Planning policies
  • Solicits support for recommendation from other groups

Meeting FrequencyTasks
Every month

  • Considers issues related to supportive services, including discharge planning

Meeting FrequencyTasks
As needed

  • Identifies needs of unaccompanied homeless youth
  • Makes recommendations as to how such needs could be addressed

Standing Committees may meet more frequently as needed at the discretion of the Chair of that Committee.  Additional Ad Hoc (temporary) committees are added as needed for certain tasks including, but not limited to; the HSOC Nominating Commitee, Grant Review Committee and Coordinated Assessment Committee.

On 5/21/2014 the HSOC Board approved a proposal to amend its current structure and include several new standing committees and changes in meeting frequency for existing committees. This requires an amendment to the HSOC ByLaws, which is subject to approval from the Board of Supervisors. To view a copy of the proposed structure Download the HSOC Restructuring Proposal here.

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